Farewell Quotes for Colleagues, Funny Goodbye Quotes

Farewell Quotes for Colleagues, Funny Goodbye Quotes

These are Farewell Quotes for Colleagues. Some of the Funny Goodbye Quotes are also given below for friends, Colleagues, Co-workers. Some are Heart touching farewell quotes and Heart touching goodbye quotes.

Farewell Quotes For Friends Funny
Coming To Work Every Day And Not Seeing Your Chirpy Face Will Be A Painful Anguish. But The Fun Memories We’ve Shared At Work Will Never Diminish. Farewell.

Farewell Quotes For Colleagues In English
I Know That You Are Going To Get An Awesome Salary In Your New Job But There Is No Guarantee That You Will Get Awesome Colleagues Like Us Too. Do You Still Want To Go? Farewell.

Inspirational Farewell Quotes For Friends/Colleagues
Because We Are In The Office, I May Not Let Tears Out Of My Eyes. But I Want You To Know, That My Heart Will Silently Weep And Cry. Farewell.

Goodbye Quotes To Colleagues
Without A Fun-Loving Co-Worker Like You, Our After Work Drinks Will Turn Sober, Quiet And Slightly More Sophisticated. Farewell Buddy, We Will Miss You.

Touching Farewell Quotes For Colleagues
I Will Now Have To Make An Addition To The Family Pictures On My Office Desk – You, Because You Have Always Been More Like Family And Less Like A Co-Worker. Farewell.

Best Farewell Quotes For Colleagues
Instead Of Saying Farewell To You, I Wish I Could Say Fare-Bad So That You Come Back And Continue Working With Us. But I Won’t… Because I Always Wish The Best For You. Farewell.

One Liner Farewell Quotes For Colleagues
Having You As A Partner At Work Was One Of The Best Professional Experiences In My Career. Farewell.

Thank You And Farewell Quotes For Colleagues
I Would Envy You For Your New Job, But Right Now I Am Just Shocked And Sad To Know That You Are Leaving. Farewell To The Colleague To Made Lunch Breaks Awesome And Added Life To Dull Team Meetings.

Famous Farewell Quotes
Farewell All Relations And Friends In Christ; Farewell Acquaintances And All Earthly Enjoyments; Farewell Reading And Preaching, Praying And Believing, Wanderings, Reproaches, And Sufferings.
- Donald Cargill

Funny Farewell Quotes For Colleagues Leaving
We Were Planning To Throw You An Amazing Party Next Month And Shower You Heaps Of Gifts… But Now That You’re Leaving That’s Not Going To Happen. So Let Us Know If You Change Your Mind. Farewell.

Farewell Quotes For Colleague Funny
In Your Absence, Who Will I Blame For Not Meeting Deadlines? I’ll Miss You, Farewell.

Goodbye Quotes To Colleagues
Having Awesome Colleagues Is A Bad Habit, Because It’ll Be Impossible To Work With Someone Else Now That You’re Leaving. Goodbye.

Goodbye Quotes For Friend
I Like The Feeling Of Finding It Difficult To Say Goodbye To Someone Because It Only Means That I Have Found A True Friend. Farewell.

Goodbye To Colleague Leaving Job
It Is Hard To Say Goodbye To A Colleague Who Has Been Less Of A Co-Worker And More Of A Friend. I Will Miss You And I Am Sad That The Joyride Of Working With You Has To Come To An End. Farewell.

Sweet Goodbye Message To Colleagues
With Your Resignation Your Employment In This Company May Finish, But The Sweet Memories Of Working With You Will Never Diminish. Goodbye And Farewell.

Famous Farewell Quotes Shakespeare
Forever, And Forever, Farewell, Cassius! If We Do Meet Again, Why, We Shall Smile; If Not, Why Then This Parting Was Well Made.
- William Shakespeare

Farewell Quote For Colleague
Parting Is All We Know Of Heaven And All We Need To Know Of Hell.
- Emily Dickinson

Farewell Quotes For Colleagues
The Cold Meeting Room Walls Will Now Feel Colder Without The Warmth Of A Helpful And Considerate Colleague Like You. Farewell.

Funny Farewell Quotes For Colleagues
Today Our Team Is Going To Lose Its Sense Of Humor And Its Heart Beat. Farewell To The Colleague Who Made Every Day Seem Like A Treat.

Funny Goodbye Farewell Quotes
If I Had To Play A Final Prank On You Before Bidding You Farewell, I Would Tie Your Legs To Your Cubicle When You Aren’t Looking So That You Can Never Leave Us. Goodbye.

Goodbye Love Quotes
Love Is Missing Someone Whenever You're Apart, But Somehow Feeling Warm Inside Because You're Close In Heart.
- Kai Knudsen

Farewell Miss You Quotes Love
Never In My Life Have I Ever Thought That I Would Want To Work With A Colleague Forever – Until I Started Working With You. Farewell, I Will Miss You.

You And I Will Meet Again, When We're Least Expecting It, One Day In Some Far Off Place, I Will Recognize Your Face, I Won't Say Goodbye My Friend, For You And I Will Meet Again.
- Tom Petty

You Better Send Me A Sweet And Cheerful Good Morning Text Every Day. After You Leave, I Will Have Nothing Else To Help Me Look Forward To The Day At Work. Farewell.

Now That You Are Leaving, Miscellaneous Expenses Of The Company Will Decrease, Productivity Will Increase, Deadlines Will Be Met And Efficiency Will Spike. On A Serious Note, The Exact Opposite Will Happen. Farewell.

I Know That Quitting This Job Has Been One Of The Best Decisions Of Your Life But Just So You Know, It Will Have The Worst Impact On Your Colleagues. While You Are Set To Gain A Better Position, We Are Set To Lose A Terrific Comrade. Farewell.

When I Mount The Scaffold At Last These Will Be My Farewell Words To The Sheriff: Say What You Will Against Me When I Am Gone, But Don't Forget To Add, In Common Justice, That I Was Never Converted To Anything.
- H. L. Mencken

Monthly Targets And Performance Appraisals Will Come And Go, But The Memories Of Working With A Colleague Like You Will Stay In My Forever. Farewell.

I Am Saying Goodbye Not Just To A Colleague, But Also To A Friend And My Greatest Source Of Inspiration. Farewell.

Don't Be Dismayed By Good-Byes. A Farewell Is Necessary Before You Can Meet Again. And Meeting Again, After Moments Or Lifetimes, Is Certain For Those Who Are Friends.
- Richard Bach

I Want To Hunt Down The Head Hunter Who Hunted You And Tell Him That He Has Scored His Best Hunt Ever. Farewell.

The Boss May Be Sad Because Of Losing A Hardworking And Efficient Employee, But We Are Sad Because Your Heart-Warming Smile We Will No Longer See. Goodbye And Farewell.

The Bitter Word Which Closed All, Earthly Friendships, And Finished Every Feast Of Love - Farewell.
- Robert Pollok

We Are Definitely Worried About How The Performance Of Our Team Will Decrease When A Colleague Like You Leaves. But What’s More Important, Is That Your Absence Will Make All Our Hearts Grieve. Goodbye.

You Will Go Away But Your Morals, Ethics And Advice Will Always Stay With Us. Thanks For Being Such An Inspirational Colleague.

Your Resignation Has Shook Us From The Core. Without You, Work Is Going To Be A Bore. Your Departure Has Made Us All Sad. Your Absence Is Going To Drive Us Totally Mad. Farewell.

Your Resignation Is A Cruel Reminder That All Good Things In Life Must Come To An End. You May Have Stopped Being A Colleague, But You’ll Always Remain My Friend. Farewell.

On The Outside, I May Be Smiling While I Wish You Farewell. But On The Inside, I Am Desperately Praying That You Will Quit Your New Job And Come Back To Work With Us Again. Farewell.

Good-Byes Breed A Sort Of Distaste For Whomever You Say Good-Bye To; This Hurts, You Feel, This Must Not Happen Again.