Anniversary Quotes For Mom Dad, Mom Dad Anniversary Quotes For Whatsapp

Anniversary Quotes For Mom Dad, Mom Dad Anniversary Quotes For Whatsapp

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It is a pity that you won’t be able to have a special anniversary. That’s because each day in your life is special anyway. Happy anniversary mom dad.

Dear mom and dad, thanks for all the patience and sacrifice in keeping the family together. I am the luckiest not to experience the pain of a divorced family because you have both worked so hard to keep the marriage safe and strong. Happy anniversary!

Your first wedding anniversary must have been really romantic. Your second anniversary must have been really beautiful. But this anniversary will be special because we are celebrating it together. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

These days couples need to learn from both of you on how to make a successful marriage for so many years. Because of your sacrifices and commitment to make things work out, mom and dad, I am able to enjoy the blessing and bliss of having a happy family. I will forever be thankful. Happy anniversary!

Thanks for putting so much pressure on me by raising the bar for a good marriage so high. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

Most kids find it hard to figure out what they truly want their future to look like. For me, I have known what I want my future to look like – just like your present. Happy anniversary my lovely parents!

Your reason for celebrating your anniversary may be love. But my reason for celebrating your anniversary is that you both are like a blessing from the Gods above. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

You are the parents every kid wished for, you are the couple that all lovers wish to be and you are the strong pillar of support every family prays for. Happy anniversary to the most wonderful parents in the world!

Happy anniversary to the couple who does everything in their power to make our happiness double.

Your anniversary has made me realize that a movie is not the only place where lover get married, have kids, make a loving family and live a perfect life. Happy anniversary.

Today is a very special day for people I love more than life – it’s your wedding anniversary, my beloved parents! You’ve already spent a lot of wonderful years together and now I want to wish you to spend even more years enjoying each other and bringing joy to everyone around! Congratulations!

The institution of your marriage has taught us core values of life, which no other institution in the world can teach. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

You are an inspiration to parents who wish to raise their children with love and discipline. You are a role model to couples to overcome the trials that tested the strength of their love and commitment to another. Happy anniversary mom and dad!

Every single day of the year revolves around what we want to do and where we want to go out to. Today is that day of the year when everything will rightfully revolve around you. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

I have read lots of books of love passing the test of time. I have heard of legends and read stories of star crossed lovers walking the road filled with fire just to be together. However, I only need the romantic story of my parents to make me believe that love can last forever. Happy anniversary dad and mom!

Years will pass by and one anniversary will arrive after the other, but your love for each other will always be forever. Happy anniversary.

Together, you have built the best family and nourished your children with show of unending love. Together you have overcome life crisis and leaned on each other for support. Together you have proved to the world that true love will always last forever. Happy anniversary to my parents!

Most kids take a lot of time to figure out what they want their futures to look like. But I have known from the very start what I want my future to look like – exactly like your present. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

Despite all the years, the trying times that you have both been through, yet your marriage remained strong and steadfast. When I get married someday, I hope I would have a bond stronger and steady with my partner as both of you did. I love you mom and dad. Happy anniversary!

Graduation, birthday or first job – no celebration of my life would have been worthy if not for your anniversary which makes our family stronger with each passing year. Happy anniversary.

One more year of your happy life together has passed… And it’s great, because it means that your love has stood the test of time. I wish that nothing could ruin your harmonious happiness, dear parents. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

May the biggest of challenges in your life be limited to making every anniversary better than the previous one. Happy anniversary to you both.

Thank you, mom and dad
for love and care you never stopped giving me,
for things I’ve learned from you,
for wisdom that you shared with me,
for home and sense of security,
for a beautiful example of what a family should be.
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

I always thought that phrases like ‘once upon a time’ and ‘happily ever after’ only existed in fairy tales. But your marriage made me realize that they exist in real life too. Happy anniversary.

It is because of your successful matrimony, that we have been able to live with so much harmony. To parents who I love so dearly, I wish you both a happy anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful couple in town. Mom and Dad. I love you!”

“Today you begin another new year of your marriage and I want to say I am blessed to be a part of your lives, for you are wonderful indeed. Happy anniversary.”

This is not just the anniversary of your marriage, but the anniversary of all the hopes, dreams and ambitions you nurtured together. Happy anniversary.

“You have stood together and stood by us over the years and you have proved that marriage is beautiful and sacred and should only be entered into by those who are willing to fight for what they believe it to be. Thank you for your beautiful example. May God bless you. Happy Anniversary!”

You will never be able to renew your wedding vows, because you both have not let them expire in the first place. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

“Thank you both so much for living by example and teaching us that marriage is beautiful and can last. God bless you both and we love you so much. Happy Anniversary Dad and Mum.”

Regardless of what I study in college, I have already got graduation level lessons in true love, commitment and trust – thanks to a rock solid set of parents like you. Happy anniversary.

“May God bless your health and lives and give you strength to face another fifty years together. May God grant you the grace of a long and fulfilled life full of joy and laughter. Happy Anniversary mom and dad.”

Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis or volcanoes – nothing has the power to shatter, the love between my mom and dad. Not now, not ever. Happy anniversary.

“You guys are smart. You figured out that you need each other as much as your kids need you guys together. For that, happy anniversary!”