Funny Mother Quotes 2017

Funny Mother Quotes 2017

We have provided here some of the great Quotes for Mother, these quotes on mothers are really good for your cute mother. We have selected Funny Mother Quotes for your reference.

Mothers Day Quotes From Son And Daughter
“M” Is For The Million Things She Gave Me,
“O” Means Only That She’s Growing Old,
“T” Is For The Tears She Shed To Save Me,
“H” Is For Her Heart Of Purest Gold;
“E” Is For Her Eyes, With Love-Light Shining,
“R” Means Right, And Right She’ll Always Be,
Put Them All Together, They Spell “MOTHER,”
A Word That Means The World To Me.

Mothers Day Quotes Funny
Hugs And Kisses,
Warmest Wishes,
With Heartfelt Thanks,
With Love,
Lots Of Love,
Love Always,
Love, Always And Forever,

Mothers Day Quotes For Grandma
Many Hugs
Only Luv Never Anger
Teaching Me
Helping Me
Every Smile When I Was Sad
Raising Me To Be Strong
It Spells Mother. Thanks For Being U.

Mothers Day Quotes Godmothers
I Couldn’t Imagine The Sacrifice That You Bore When You Were Carrying Me In Your Womb For Nine Months. However, You Choose To Undergo Through That Pain Just To Bring Me Into This World. I’m So Thankful For This Life That You Gave Me Mom. Words Could Not Fully Describe My Gratitude. I Owe My Life To You So I Will Also Spend It To Love And Honor You Forever.

Mothers Day Quotes Heart Touching
When You Feel You Are Alone In The Crowd, When You Think No.1 Can Understand You, When Your Love Is Rejected By Others, & When You Hate Your Life, Just Close Your Eyes, & See, Her Face Who Loves You More Than Any 1 Else, Who Care For You In Loneliness, & Dies When You Cry. She Is No 1, But Your Sweet Loving Mother. Love Your Mom First And Always.

Mothers Day Quotes Growing Up
Whenever I Count My Blessings
I Count You Twice!
Thanks For Always
Being There For Me
Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Quotes Long Distance
For The Best Mom
Who Always Had A Smile For Me
I Know We May Be Far Apart Right Now
So Here's A Great Big Hug And Kiss
Happy Mother's Day

Mothers Day Quotes From Her Daughter
Pyar Karna Koi Tumse Seekhe
Pyar Karana Koi Tumse Seekhe
Tum Mamta Ki Murat Hi Nahi,
Sab Ke Dil Ka Ek Tukda Ho
Main Kehti Hun Maa,
Tum Hamesha Aisi Hi Rehna.

Mothers Day Quotes Hindi Language
Maa Se Rishta Aisa Banaya Jaye,
Jisko Nigaaho Me Bithaya Jaye.
Rahe Uska Mera Rishta Kuch Aisa K,
Wo Agar Udaas Ho To Humse Bhi Muskuraya Na Jaye.
A big Happy Mothers Day from sms on love website.

Mothers Day 2017 Quotes In English
I Looked Into The Mirror...
Know What I Could See?
I See A Lot Of You In Me! (Even Though I Don't Admit It Always)
Thank You For Everything!
Happy Mother's Day

Best Mothers Day 2017 Quotes 
My Mummy
Everyone's Mother
Learnt Love From You
When Required You Hugged Me And Loved Me.
Your Ears Always Listened To The Voice Of My Heart
You Always Realized And Gave Me Your Shoulder To Weep And To Laugh Caught Me By Hands When I Was Falling
Oh! Mother You Are Great Next To Almighty
But For Me You Are In Deep Corner Of My Heart.