April Fool Messages 2017 For Whatsapp

April Fools Quotes Funny, April Fool Messages For Whatsapp 2017

April Fool Day SMS 2017
This Is Not SMS, It's Just An April Fool Trick
Place A Bottle Of Liquid Dish Soap Into The Toilet Tank.
The Next Person To Flush The Toilet Will Be Greeted
With An Overwhelming Amount Of Bubbles.

Nice April Fool Sms
Yes, Today I Am Here To Wish You Happy April Fool's Day 2017.
And Let Me Admit That I Am Happy Today.
I Am Happy Today Because:
When Many People Are Lying And Making April Fool, I Haven't Lied.
When Many People Are Cheating, I Haven't Cheated Anyone.
When Almost Everyone Is Hurting By False Stuff, I Haven't Hurt Anyone.
I Wish You To Be Happy Like Me On This April Fools Day.

April Fool Funny Messages
Hey U Know
Which Is The Best Day To Propose A Girl.. April 1
U Know Why??
If She Accept Its Your Luck
Otherwise Just Tell April Foooooll.

Funny April Fool Day Sms
Fact1: You Can Not Touch
Your Lower Lip With Your Tounge...

Fact2: After Reading This,
99/100 Idiots Would Try It.

April Fool Day 2017 Sms
Fooljari Me
FOOL K Sath Wish Kiya
“O FOOL You Are The Most
Wonderfool &
Among All FOOLS

April Fool Messages For Boyfriend
A - U R Attractive
B - U R The Best
C - U R Cute
D - U R Dear 2 Me
E - U R Excellent
F - U R Funny
G - U R Good-Looking
H - Hehehe
I - I'm

April Fool Sms Quote
April Fool, N. The March Fool With Another Month Added To His Folly. - Ambrose Bierce

Mark Twain Quotes On April Fools Day
Hain't We Got All The Fools In Town On Our Side? And Ain't That A Big Enough Majority In Any Town? - Mark Twain

April Fool Sms Quote In English
It Is Better To Weep With Wise Men Than To Laugh With Fools.

April Fool Messages In English
Misses U..
Needs U..
Worries About U
Lonely Without U
Guess Who?
… THE ZOO ..

April Fool Messages For Whatsapp
U R 20% Fantastic,
U R 20% Attractive,
U R 20% Loveable,
U R 20% Terific,
U R 20% Understandable,
Inshort U R 100% F.A.L.T.U.

April Fool Messages For Boyfriend
Dear Friend,
I Am Surprised At Your Wit, Your Intellect, Your Wisdom And Your Knowledge.
But More Importantly, I Am Surprised At My False Praise Of You!
Happy All Fools' Day!

Funny April Fool Sms Jokes
Legs Utha Ke Karo.
Tange Feala Ke Karo.
Ghuma Ghuma Ke Karo.
Aage Peechey Dono Taraf Karo.
Jitna Karoge Utna Halka Mehsoos Hoga.
*Ramdev* Ji Ka Yoga.

April Fool Messages For Facebook
Hotho Se Jo Choo Liya,
Ehsaas Aab Tak Hai,
Aankhe Nam Hai,
Aur Sanso Mein Aag Aab Tak Hain
Aur Kyo Na Ho Khayi Bhi To HARI Mirchi-Hai

Funny April Fool Sms In Hindi
Manzil Ki Taraf Badte Chalo. Jo Dil Kahe Usi Raah Ko Chuno. Peeche Walo Ko Aage Na Aane Do Aur Jo Aage Hain Unse Aage Niklo. Tabhi Ek Achhe TRUCK DRIVER Banoge!

Cute April Fool Sms Messages In Hindi
Is Kadar Hum Aapko Chahte Hain
Ki Duniya Wale Dekh Ke Jal Jate Hain,
Yun To Hum Sabhi Ko ULLU Banate Hain,
Lekin Aap Thoda JALDI Ban Jate Hain.

April Fool Sms For Friends
Your Style So Sweet
Your Smile So Sweet
Your Voice So Sweet
Your Eyes So Sweet
Your Whole Life So Sweet!!
In Short; You Are A Sweetheart
Hey, Look
I Can Lie So Sweet So
You’re Never Going To Understand
Happy April Fools Day To Everyone !!

April Fool Awesome Sms
When The Whole World Will, CELEBRATE:
But Keep In Mind,
April Fool Comes Once A Year.

Amazing April Fool Sms
Fact1: U Cannot Touch Ur Lower Lip With Ur Tongue...
Fact2: After Reading Dis,
99/100 Idiots Would Try It..
April Fool...

April Fool Best Sms 2017
Everyday Is A Reminder Of Something Or Someone Very Sepcial.
This Is One Of Those Days When I Am Thinking Of You And Missing You.
If You Were Here, I Would Have Really Had A Gala Time By
Making A Fool Of You.
Happy April Fool!