National Kissing Day, National Kiss Day, National Kissing Day 2017

Kiss Day on Valentine's week is on 13th Feb 2017

International Kissing Day 2017 is on Thursday, July 6

July 6 of each year is officially considered to be the National Kissing Day also known as International Kissing Day. The idea of formulating a specific kissing day was to remind the couples in the modern stressed out life that kissing is not a simple formality or a basic essential of a couple’s life. Kissing has got its own charms and can go a long way in mending and cementing bonds. With the stressed life of the new era, couples have almost forgotten the pleasures of a kiss with abandon and love. International Kissing Day might not be as popular as other days dedicated to loving couples such as Valentines’ Day, but gradually it is also gaining social acceptance and with the required amount of hype in the days to come, it will soon be a popular day celebrated and enjoyed by millions all over the world.

National Kissing Day is till date not as commercialized. Actually July 6 is the National Kissing Day in United Kingdom. But then it has been accepted by the rest of the world and is now an international day.

Benefits of Kissing

This international Kissing Day might gain additional importance if the couple get to know the benefits of kissing.

  • Kissing is said to be a good way to keep your teeth clean. The simple reason being kissing generates a lot of saliva and additional production of saliva can lead to killing of bacteria and thus freeing the teeth of germs. Wet smooches eventually is said to reduce the building of plaque in teeth naturally.

  • Kissing is a good way to burn calories. It is a fact that a fervent act of kissing can burn about two to six calories per minute. It also reduces cholesterol levels.

  • Kissing can reduce your frown lines. When you pucker up your lips for kissing all the major facial muscles are generally at work. Continuous use of these muscles along with the expressions that light up the faces of kissing partners reduces frown lines and make you look more beautiful and glowing.

  • Kissing is also known to raise body immunity. Generally, when partners lock lips in a kiss, germs are exchanged between the partners’ mouths. It is also believed that pregnant women are benefitted from this exchange and introduction of germs. Inducing germs into the pregnant body in small doses builds up her immunity and her body builds up a resistance even before she conceives and later on the benefits of immunity are passed on to the child growing in the mother’s womb.

  • Kissing is said to be a stress buster. When couples engage in a kiss and then after a satisfying kissing experience, it has been observed that the amount of cortisol or the stress hormone in the blood reduces. This gives rise to a feeling of relaxation. The decline in the cortisol level is more while a partner kisses rather than when they are just physically close by holding hands and sitting close to each other.

  • For people who frequently suffer from seasonal allergies and sniffles, a regular regime of 30 minutes of kissing can do wonders. Allergen-specific IgE is the protein that triggers allergic sneezes and sniffs. Regular smooches can lower this specific protein level and act as a good anti-allergic medicine.

Ideas to celebrate National Kissing Day 2017

  • Kiss someone whom you had always wanted to kiss but could not so long

  • Make a list of all the people you have ever kissed in your life and while reading it enjoying cherishing those memories

  • Make a list of all the people you would like to kiss in the future

  • Try French Kissing your partner if you haven’t already

  • Kiss with your waterproof lipstick on just to check out how effective it is

  • Kiss your date after applying the reddest of red lipstick and leave a mark on the face and lips of your beloved

  • Kiss your date in a public place and propose to him or her

  • Kiss your date by taking him or her to an exotic place

  • Reserve a table on the sea beach in a restaurant to shower your beloved with special kisses

  • Make up your differences with your date with an intense smooch and rebuild the relationship

  • Let your beloved know how much you value the kissing aspect and how important kissing is as a prelude to love making