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How to start a kiss - 2017 Tips

  • The partner might look briefly and frequently at the other’s lips. That should be clear enough hint.

  • Licking lips nervously with coy glances along with stopping all conversation might be a hint that each of the partners is willing to kiss each other

  • The partners might compliment each other very earnestly and make each other comfortable before closing in for a kiss.

  • The kiss might be initiated by the boy holding on to the girl’s hand gently and placing a gentle kiss on her hand.

  • A straightforward approach with your boyfriend or girlfriend that you would love to kiss him or her should also be a good approach.

  • Setting up a romantic ambience with a lot of privacy and some soft music on the background might help in elevating the mood of the partner.

How to kiss - 2017 Tips

  • For your kiss to be successful, the first caution should be that you keep your lips soft and attractive. Apply some lip balm or gloss, some fragrant lipstick if you are woman. Attention should be drawn to the lips to create the urge to kiss and get kissed.

  • It is believed that a mouth with partially opened lips seems more inviting than puckered lips. Open lips will communicate the sense of warmth and friendliness.

  • For starters, it is advised that you keep the teeth and tongue out of the kissing act. Use the lips softly and kiss both the upper and lowers lips of the partner.

  • Avoid salivating too much. That might act as a deterrent. Swallow away the excess saliva and manage to keep your lips just wet and soft.

  • The noise of lip smacking might also be a put off. So try and avoid the sound of smacking by opening the lips more and kissing more gently.

  • Usually the best way to kiss is to tilt the faces in opposite direction so that the two faces make an angle of 30 or 45 degree. This helps to keep the nose free and both partners can breathe easily and comfortably.

  • While kissing, hands play an important role. Usually the kiss might start with the girl placing her hands on the boy’s shoulder and the boy holding on to her waist. But then while in the act of kissing, the hands might be used to hold the face of the partner gently and pulling him or her closer to you. You can also brush your hands gently on the neck and shoulders and excite the partner more.

  • A wet kiss is often called a smooch and hugely popular with couples who are familiar to each other.

What is French Kiss - 2017 Tips

When you use the tongue in a kiss, it is called French Kiss. In a French Kiss, the partners push the tongue on the partners’ lips. You can gently and lightly move the tongue over the lips. If the partner responds well by returning the gesture, then you can increase the intensity of the kiss by pushing your tongue further. In this, the tip of the tongue plays an unusually important role. You can probe the lips to part and enter the partner’s mouth. The tongue can be further used to explore the inside of the mouth with quick flicks of the tongue or darting motion. If you feel the partner is up to your game, then you can make the strokes faster and explore deeper inside.

The technicalities of kissing - 2017 Tips

Apart from kissing the lips, sucking and gently pulling the upper and lower lips of your partner, you can also use the tongue to gently excite your partner and give her or him the essential romantic touch. Moreover, the teeth can also be put to good use. A slight nibble at the lips that does not amount to bite and a gentle pulling and tugging of the lips with the teeth can do wonders to your kissing experience. But these experimental use of tongue and teeth should be used sparsely and intermittently with full passionate kisses of lip to lip locking resuming at uniform intervals. Occasional breaks in the kissing and staring at each other’s eyes and reading the expressions kindles the glow of love and passion intensely making the whole kissing experience more fulfilling and full of depth of feeling and emotion.